Remeant is a brand specializing in upcycling plastic into innovative fabrics for clothing and accessories that are 100% vegan and handmade, specifically challenging the world’s plastic waste problem by turning it into something beautiful and useful.

Patchwork Shoes Shay Schneidermann is a textile upcycling and product designer who graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and is the creator of TEXTILEMANN with a showcase full of patchwork signature shoes. TEXTILEMANN is a distinct design language that combines aesthetics, functionality, and creativity to create wearable art and home goods. Beyond

Looking for authentic vintage clothing to add a touch of originality to your wardrobe? Look no further than Loni Vintage in Tel Aviv Jaffa. For over 20 years, fashion editor, stylist, and producer Lonia Messing has been curating a stunning selection of pre-owned vintage clothing from bespoke tailors and renowned fashion designers such as Coco

Is it my business at all? Aren’t there tons of people already taking care of it? Maybe. Well, imagine you’re looking at earth from space. You’ll see a beautiful but vulnerable planet in the middle of a vast black space. Then you zoom in. You get closer. And the more you get down on earth,

It looks like the only realistic way to solve this mess is to get all humankind to care enough, to unite, and to come to a resolve. It’s the kind of thing you could possibly do with films. So, I thought why not enlist the reach, popularity, and influence of movies? Their plots and animations

The typical goal of a film producer, film director or filmmaker is to get their movie into Netflix or screened in cinema. There’s nothing wrong with it. We all need to make money to pay our bills. However, with Films For Future I want to go one step further. The venue where a film is

When doing research in preparing for my documentary „Awakening Dignity“ I found that patriarchy is at the core of many issues of today’s societies. It’s a set of long-established values and norms. They determine how we get educated; and to what we get accustomed to when growing up. It’s a set of behaviors that become

Radiating truth You’ve probably seen the yellow-black radioactivity sign before. It warns about being exposed to something bad, right? Here, I used a variation of the sign, but with the colors white and purple. The white stands for ‚light‘. The purple stands for ‚truth‘. I wanted it to symbolize the radiation of the truth, kind

O que pandemia e telepatia têm em conjunto? Aparentemente nada, mas estou suspeitando que durante a pandemia no ano passado mais pessoas começaram a desenvolver uma conexão telepática. Isto devido ao isolamento que não permitia contato físico, te forçando assim a desenvolver outras habilidades de comunicação. Foi isto o que aconteceu comigo há quase dois