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About Kim Kandler

The typical goal of a film producer, film director or filmmaker is to get their movie into Netflix or screened in cinema. There’s nothing wrong with it. We all need to make money to pay our bills. However, with Films For Future I want to go one step further. The venue where a film is shown should not be the most important thing. What's important is the impact a film has on our lives.

So let's get to work...

I’m not a political or religious activist at all, but I believe that documentary films should not only be informative but also foster a community of like-minded people around a problem, provide ideas as a first step in solving it, all while being entertaining.


Knowing is the first step towards caring for a problem.


Caring is the first step towards solving a problem.


My films make a first step towards showcasing a solution.

There is a huge amount of information out there, but it’s not connected and people don’t have the time to sort it out and put the pieces together. I want to create documentaries that offer a combination of information, education and activism. It’s a format you can’t get nowhere else.
I want to be able to give my audience an experience like: wow, got it, yes now the whole thing makes sense. And yeah, I could really do this little thing they mentioned because if we all make our voices heard, it will change something.

I love to deal with the main artistic ingredients of a film myself: screenwriting, directing and editing.

I definitely like to write the film scripts on my own and handle the camera. Coming from portrait photography I understand the art of cinematography, composition and lighting better than most film school graduates. And because I can do a great deal of the editing and color grading on my own, my films look exactly the way I want.

Kim's Planet

Some of my thoughts about FIXing THE PLANET

I believe that mutual respect between women and men is key to a brighter future. It's why I decided to dedicate my first film to gender equality and women empowerment.

Kim Kandler is a filmmaker focusing on women rights


For me, female spirituality and grace is the magic we all need to stop MAN-made madness and elevate our world. MAN-kind needs more women heroes! 
Step up and start believing in the magic deep inside of you!

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