Filme documentario sobre a violencia domestica
DOCUMENTary seeks to reveal hidden factors that perpetuate violence against women

Would it be important to make this documentary movie?

"Violence against women is like an epidemic" (Gal Gadot). A large part of society still lives by patriarchal values, where men are allowed everything, and women are worth less and have to obey. This breeds machismo and narcissism from childhood on and creates a vicious cycle of gender inequality embedded in people's minds. 

Unfortunately there is no magic that could cure it for good. But I want to do something now. Something that creates impact. I want to raise awareness, then address solutions, and finally propose new ideas. Like for example an evolved masculinity, which would involve men in the process as well.

The documentary would reveal the damage that patriarchy and machismo do to society. It would seek to reveal the often invisible factors that perpetuate sexual harassment and abuse of women across all levels of society. Ideally, the project would make a contribution to eliminating domestic violence.

It would be important for me to understand what your opinion is about this subject and project.