Independent films have always been key in facilitating an exchange of ideas, in questioning dogmas and challenging conventional viewpoints. My mission is to make inspiring documentaries that create awareness for things to improve on our planet. 

Planned Documentary Films 

Awakening Documentary Film About Domestic Violence and Abusive Relationships, Women Rights
Oct. 2021


This film is: provocative, investigative, controversial | in development
social justice Documentary, Crime, Social issues & Cultural

A young mother who seeks an harmonious marriage suddenly begins to be threatened and beaten in front of her son by her husband. Slowly, she finds out he is a narcissist. Fearing for her life, she has to find a way to escape with her son.

March 2022


This Independent film is: provocative, controversial | in development
SOCIAL JUSTICE DOCUMENTARY, Social issues & Cultural

While casting for walking the runway at the Paris Fashion Week, the film shows a popular plus-size model and her agent fight with a powerful luxury fashion house. Then they set out to change an age-old selection process. As a result, it will allow her and many other models to get into the cast.

March 2022


This film is: provocative, controversial | in development
SOCIAL JUSTICE DOCUMENTARY, Social issues & Cultural

Roy Mimran, the son of two gay fathers and a lesbian mother, is a hero of the local LGBT community (“I have two fathers and I do not apologize"). The film tells his struggle for equal rights through the story of his life - the official recognition of both fathers by the state. So, he embarks on soul-searching conversations with gay celebrities and experts. Ultimately, to find answers why he and his fathers are still third-grade citizens.

Films and Series in Research

The Righteous Punk

30m | Docu Series, Social & Cultural | 2021-22

The series explores the minds and values of people who are outsiders in society. In other words: bad news dominate. It seems everything is lost and we feel alone, especially if you’re not a bad guy. Unfortunately, those guys seem to have lots of company on this planet. In each episode I interview a “righteous punk” and spend one day with them. It’s someone who thinks outside the mainstream. Someone with different and interesting viewpoints on how civilization could move forward.

Minority Report

40m | Docu Series, Social & Cultural | 2021-22

The series explores different and almost forgotten cultures in countries around the world. Every country has its minorities and its native and original cultures. This series explores all the small and forgotten cultures around the world. For instance, only if we value what others have come to appreciate we can improve upon that. Western culture is good for Western countries, but not for other cultures who proudly cherish their local values. Progress comes from diversity.

Witch Love

30m | Docu Series, Social & Cultural | 2021-22

The series explores the goals and values of feminist activists (“witches”) in an effort to find a common definition of what feminism is and should be. The majority of men feel threatened by feminism. It's because in their view it sounds like female chauvinism, a kind of matriarchy that suppresses men. But isn’t feminism simply about putting the value of men and women on the same level, as equal partners in creation? 


15m | Educational Series, Social justice & Cultural documentary film | 2021-22

6TEEN (“sixteen”) is an educational series mainly for a teenager audience. It's about sexual education. Not about the physical side of sex, but about the mental side. For instance, many girl and boy teenagers today simply don’t know what is normal and what not. Therefore, too many girls end up accepting violence from a boyfriend.

On the other hand, boys believe that girls don’t have an own opinion. Some believe it's okay to force girls into sex. Therefore, boys need to understand the difference between proper courtship and criminal harassment. The series follows teenagers and their experiences and shows what’s normal and what not. Hopefully, it helps boys respect boundaries and girls understand how to set those up.

It’s Unfair That…

40m | Documentary Series, Educational | 2021-22

Sometimes it seems that injustice, inequality, manipulation and exploitation have become common everywhere on this planet. Yes, some cases make it into the news. But they are usually soon forgotten. With “It’s Unfair That…” I want to regularly put the spotlight on controversial issues. These range from LGTB rights to environmental protection. These issues are too complex for mainstream media to cover properly beyond the news. 

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