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I'm Kim

Hey, this is a special shop and so are you!

I’m a filmmaker and I founded Films-Up-Fashion to bring you upcycled or pre-owned designer apparel in an effort to fund my documentary films that I produce at Films-For-Future from the profits of this shop.

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Why films? Why up? Why fashion?

I want to make world-changing documentary movies that show how we can fix what’s broken on the planet. I want to solve our planet’s crises with films! Some laugh about it… Well, some people may not understand our dreams, and they may even start eye-rolling...

But wherever life takes us, remember we are here on this planet for a purpose — to help others evolve and to connect with the universe.

This leaves me with just one problem. How do I pay for the bills to produce my film projects? Here are my options: go to Hollywood and make Spiderman films, or take care of the funding myself. But where to start? I didn’t want to depend on crowdfunding and grants alone. And I didn’t want to sell mugs and t-shirts. I wanted to do something useful that would allow me to earn enough money to work on my film projects, too.

That’s why I created Films-Up-Fashion. It’s an online shop with a cause. It brings you the best in up-cycled clothing, fashioned by hard-working designers from all around the planet. The shop is not for profit because I use the profit from what you buy in my shop to fund the production of my documentaries. Every dollar I earn here is one dollar less that I need to raise through crowdfunding for example. What’s more, a continuous source of income also allows me to develop and produce my films much faster.

But why a shop about sustainable fashion? First of all because sustainability I think is a social issue for all of us. The planet has limited resources. We have to face it. And textile production is extremely polluting and wasting. Second, it’s a way to do something for the planet in addition to my films.

I'm inviting you to join me in my quest to discover talented fashion designers creating exclusive, innovative, and beautiful apparel and accessories without polluting the environment. I think there is a lot that we can do to improve how we produce and use our clothing. The goal is to really make the whole apparel production much more sustainable.

Hopefully, every piece of clothing you buy here will have a tangible impact on people’s lives, bring more harmony to our planet, and achieve two things:

  • make a doc film with a positive impact on society, and
  • reduce global warming just a little bit by saving tons of energy.

This means that any purchases made on this shop by visionary people like you, will not only promote the goals of sustainable fashion, but also produce documentary movies that deal with big social issues.

Let's keep in touch and hope we meet at one of my premieres.

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The Mission

Purely in terms of shopping, we want to help you cut through the noise to find the most sustainable yet stylish apparel and accessories. To this end we curate showcases of upcycled items created by talented designers, and of pre-loved vintage items from stores around the globe. In addition, we are constantly on a quest to discover new designers and to research new businesses and trends. We will also be sharing our insights regularly on our blog and with our email subscribers. Only those products where we are convinced were created in the most sustainable way will find their way into our showcases. 

films for future

The Mission

  • Films-For-Future is an inspiring project founded by Kim Kandler that uses the power of movies and cinema to encourage positive change. We believe that cinema is a powerful medium for creating awareness and showing new ideas and solutions to the world's issues. Movies don't just entertain us or make us laugh or cry – they have the potential to help us realize our shared future in a better way. 
  • Our vision is to create documentary movies that help us tackle global challenges such as gender-based violence, pollution and food security, while also exploring the potential of film-making as a tool for social justice.
  • We are committed to producing meaningful documentaries which spark conversations and provide answers. Our goal is to bring people closer together through film, while helping our planet become a better place.
  • By integrating thoughtful content with current topics, we aim to create films that are both engaging and impactful - leaving audiences with a renewed sense of hope for the future.
  • At Films-For-Future we’re currently developing a documentary film about the hidden factors that perpetuate domestic violence.
  • In order to remain independent and be able to produce documentaries that are truthful and authentic, we don’t want to rely entirely on corporations for funding. We regard crowdfunding as the main source of funding for our projects, in addition to using all profits from our Films-Up-Fashion shop.


At Films-Up-Fashion, we believe that fashion and film are two powerful forces that can help set positive standards in the world. That’s why our mission focuses on the combination of these two mediums to create an impact on society by addressing environment, social and governance (ESG) issues. We carefully curate designer talent on the planet with fashion and film at their foundation to help elevate each other towards a common goal – sustainability and positive social change! With our innovative approach, we’re looking forward to helping empower fashion designers and fashionistas around the globe.

Every item in our collection is either made from pre-loved pieces found in second-hand shops or has been carefully crafted re-using eco-friendly, low-impact fabrics and materials while also minimizing any possible environmental pollution or waste. With us, you’ll never have to compromise on style and sustainability.

We believe that upcycling is the future. We are working to make luxury fashion more sustainable, with the goal of seeing these trends spread to fast fashion as well. We strive to create a greener and more ethical fashion industry by creating awareness and by collaborating with designers that utilize responsible sourcing methods and recycled or upcycled materials. Their unique designs combine modern silhouettes with traditional craftsmanship and luxurious textiles, creating timeless looks that you’ll love now and forever.

We believe that every fashion choice you make has the power to create positive change. That’s why we offer an unparalleled selection of upcycled fashion pieces to enable you to make a conscious decision that puts a stop to global warming. These upcycled pieces are exquisitely designed and crafted with love and care from the highest quality materials—each one an absolute work of art. We know that you won't find something like this anywhere else! When you shop with us, you'll be doing your part to reduce global warming and join us in creating a more sustainable tomorrow for everyone.