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About Us

Films-Up-Fashion wants to offer the finest selection of upcycled designer clothing, and connect fashion-conscious individuals with environmentally friendly apparel and accessories, crafted by visionary designers.

It is a project created by Kim Kandler, the founder of Films For Future (3F). Every purchase directly supports the production of impactful documentary movies that drive positive change.

Follow us on our journey to discover:

  • How we use the profits to produce documentaries
  • How upcycling can help the planet by saving resources and avoiding pollution
  • How you can choose products with high environmental benefits
  • Talented designers from around the globe
  • What true sustainable fashion actually means

Our mission here is to explore and promote sustainable practices within the fashion industry, contributing to the urgent cause of slowing down global warming.

Join us in redefining fashion's future and making a difference, one stylish and sustainable choice at a time.