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As a passionate filmmaker, I am dedicated to creating thought-provoking content that challenges paradigms. I thrive in the realms of storytelling, directing, and editing, and my work extends beyond filmmaking to include photography and other creative pursuits.

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to reach out using the contact form. I look forward to connecting with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which documentary films have you made so far?

I have made a series of short form content like video clips and shot films like "Awakening" ("Despertar"), in addition to being a published fashion photographer.

On what are you working right now?

 I'm currently preparing to produce my first long form documentary movie, "When Souls Cry," a film about the hidden factors perpetuating domestic violence.

What types of films are you making?

I love to make documentary films about serious issues affecting our society which don't get the attention they should on mainstream media.

Where can I watch your films?

We aim to fund our film productions in an independent and innovative way, in addition to the traditional ways of funding such as crowdfunding, grants or film distribution. To this end we aim to generates revenues from these business activities: (1) selling truly sustainable clothing through our Films Up Fashion shop; (2) PPV streaming on our OTT platform; (3) affiliations with retail businesses (loyalty program for retailers where purchases earn us a fee which retail customers use to watch content on our platform). All profits we generate through our business activities go towards producing films that tackle pressing social issues. Our customers will be able to watch these films on our streaming platform and vote for showcased solutions that resonate with them. Ultimately, we enable our customers to play a part in a larger movement for social change.

What exactly do you know about filmmaking?

I'm like a Swiss knife of filmmaking. I know how to do a lot of things on my own. I can keep production costs low while allowing me to have a greater influence on the artistic side of the film. I'm sort of an auteur, a director who is also involved in the story, in screenwriting. And I have the privilege of knowing how to do the editing all by myself. With this as a basis I need to hire less production and technical staff, which allows me to keep costs lower and do more with lower budgets.

How do you make money?

I don't. I make films! I created Films-Up-Fashion not only to offer truly sustainable clothing giving a platform to designers who specialize in upcycling, but also to use the profits from sales to fund an independent and nonpartisan filmmaking. In addition, we may use crowdfunding and the more traditional sources of financing to get our films off the ground. Essentially, I'm a not-for-profit film production business because I what I earn goes into filmmaking - and into pay my supermarket and rental bills :-)