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I'm a German-born multicultural documentary filmmaker who grew up in Brazil and Israel. I love screenwriting, directing and editing and am a published photographer. My mission is to make films that change paradigms. I produce my film projects by selling useful perks in crowdfunding campaigns and in my online shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which documentary films have you made so far?

I have made a series of short form content like video clips, mainly for entertainment and fashion. In 2020, I started to work on my first two long form documentaries, "I Have 2 Great LGBT Fathers" and "Awakening".

On what are you working right now?

I'm working on my first feature documentary "Awakening" about domestic violence, which is currently in the development stage, and for which I'm looking to raise money through crowdfunding.

What types of films are you making?

I love to make documentary films about serious issues affecting our society which don't get the attention they should on mainstream media.

Where can I watch your films?

All my films will be available on my OTT channel (video on-demand) in the original version. It's currently in the making and will launch for the distribution of "Awakening". In addition I will make monetized versions available on my YouTube and Facebook Watch channel, which will be publicly accessible to everyone.

What exactly do you know about filmmaking?

I'm like a Swiss knife of filmmaking. I know how to do a lot of things on my own. I can keep production costs low while allowing me to have a greater influence on the artistic side of the film. I'm sort of an auteur, a director who is also involved in the story, in screenwriting. And I have the privilege of knowing how to do the editing all by myself. With this as a basis I need to hire less production and technical staff, which allows me to keep costs lower and do more with lower budgets.

How do you make money?

I don't. I want to make films. Crowdfunding my films allows me to get the budget I need and to make a living. But essentially it's a not-for-profit business because I just raise what I need for the production and to pay my bills.