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"artists are like modern-day prophets"

Kim's Initiatives

Films For Future (3F)

Introducing Films For Future (3F), an indie film production company on a mission to create positive change through captivating documentaries. We showcase compelling stories as remedies for pressing social issues. Our innovative approach empowers viewers to vote for solutions and shape policy making. As an independent, nonpartisan film production, we fuel our projects through profits generated by our sustainable clothing shop, Films-Up-Fashion. Join us in shaping a brighter future, one film and one conscious choice at a time. Together, we can embellish the world through film. Learn More.

3F Films For Future

Films Up Fashion

Welcome to Films-Up-Fashion, an e-commerce shop dedicated to offering the finest selection of upcycled designer clothing. Created by Kim Kandler, the founder of Films For Future (3F), our shop directly supports the production of impactful documentary movies that drive positive change. We strive to connect fashion-conscious individuals with environmentally friendly apparel and accessories, crafted by visionary designers. Our mission is to explore and promote sustainable practices within the fashion industry, contributing to the urgent cause of slowing down global warming. Join us in redefining fashion's future and making a difference, one stylish and sustainable choice at a time. Learn More.

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When Souls Cry

ā€žWhen Souls Cry: Break the Silence on Domestic Violenceā€œ is an intense reality documentary in pre-production that casts women as the heroes in a battle against narcissism and patriarchy. It unveils the devastating reality of domestic violence, amplifying the voices of survivors and challenging societal silence. The documentary will capture the emotional and urgent nature of psychological abuse in relationships while emphasizing the importance of breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence. Join us on Facebook.

When Souls Cry Documentary Films