Caroline of Monaco’s 15th Birthday Silk Dress

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Not a replica! This exclusive Holt Renfrew dress was made for Princess Caroline of Monaco’s 15th birthday, later acquired by Loni at an auction, and now made available to the public.

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This timeless and unique vintage dress is a rare find. It was tailor-made for none other than Caroline of Monaco, daughter of the beloved Grace Kelly. In 1972, Holt Renfrew in Canada carefully crafted this lavish silk dress to honor Caroline’s 15th birthday in formal prom-style. The intricate detailing on the bodice and handmade skirt create an heirloom piece that generations will remember forever. Featuring reinforced underlining, this vintage dress flows beautifully and perfectly embraces the wearer’s figure. Step out in style with this one-of-a-kind prom vintage dress from the 1970s.

  • Hand tailoring
  • Soft silk fabrics 
  • Reinforced bottom figure embrace
  • Unique hand-crafted sewing technique
What’s great: 
  • Get ready for compliments in this timeless and unique vintage dress 
  • Perfect prom vintage dress from the 1970s – stand out from the crowd with distinguishing design features 
  • Comfortable fit thanks to handmade silk material


Model measurements: Height 163cm (5ft 4in) / Chest 77cm (30.3in) / Waist 60cm (23.6in) / Hips 74cm (29.1in)

Condition: Used. No bold defects other than normal wear for a pre-owned dress.

Original known owner: Princess Caroline of Monaco. What is known to us about the dress is based on information made available to the showcase owner by the auction in Monaco where the dress was acquired.

Design: Holt Renfrew

Style: Pegged swing dress

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