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What is Films For Future?

By  Kim Kandler  •  January 22, 2022  
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It looks like the only realistic way to solve this mess is to get all humankind to care enough, to unite, and to come to a resolve. It’s the kind of thing you could possibly do with films.

So, I thought why not enlist the reach, popularity, and influence of movies? Their plots and animations can showcase how today’s crises can be solved in the future by employing new ideas, concepts, and paradigms. It’s about upgrading the nature of movies from escapism to „elevationism“.

Films For Future is a vision and project about rethinking the role of movies and cinema in the future, and how they can positively help change paradigms, enabling us to tackle global crises more effectively.

Why not make films about how we would love the future on this planet to look like? This is what Films For Future is about.

For example, as in the documentary I’m working on right now, I love to address controversial topics in order to facilitate an exchange of ideas, eliminate doubts, bring light into complex matters, question dogmas and challenge viewpoints.

With Films For Future, I want to get people to care about things that, in my view, should be improved in society. Create hope, promote change. Get inspired.

Ultimately, the real superheroes… it’s everyone of you!

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