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Plus Size Fashion Model Liberated

By  Kim Kandler  •  July 1, 2020  


While casting for walking the runway at the Paris Fashion Week, a popular plus-size model and her agent fight with a powerful luxury fashion house over changing an age-old selection process to allow her to get admitted to the cast.

Plus Size Models Today

Castings for runway models are historically very confining. Their body size needs to fit certain measurements and looks. In retrospect, plus-size models were allowed to walk the runway at a big four fashion week only once in a decade. Will the next time be only in 2030? But aren’t they what real women look like? And isn’t shape given too much importance at the expense of other values?

Plus Size Models are the New Normal

“Liberated Fashion Model 2030” is a documentary film that follows the careers of aspiring plus-size models from the time of the first gig to their walking at a big fashion show. They explain the turning points in their career and the life-changing events that happened during that journey. They also illustrate the various obstacles they faced and then express their opinion about the evolution of the role of models until 2030. Towards the end, experts and fashion veterans are confronted with different views and asked to share their mind on the implications these could have on the fashion industry as a whole.

New Standard of Beauty

On a deeper level, the film advocates a new standard of beauty, away from size and measurements towards “inner” beauty. It could pave the way for modernizing the role of models.

Away from being essentially cloth hangers towards being role leaders that leverage their exposure to influence society. Couldn’t their dreams also be the source of inspiration for designers?

Inner Beauty is What Matters

This message could not only have an impact on top executives but also inspire millions of young women around the world in displaying and caring about values of “inner” beauty instead of focusing too much on other people’s body goals – and appreciating character over body shape.


Four types of persons participate in the cast. In the first are one or two plus-size MODELS as the main characters. In the second category are AFFILIATES: the agent, parents, colleagues, and friends. The third is a MODERATOR-like person that guides dialogue and interviews, and that shares a similar experience like the models. In the fourth category are EXPERTS: designers, industry veterans, and executives. Archival footage may be used to highlight historic events and past moments.

Berlin, New York, Tokyo

The film will be shot at different locations: the model’s home, outdoor places in her hometown, the agent’s office, homes of family members, at a fashion house, in a designer’s studio, as well as outdoor locations and fashion venues in a major city.


The aim is to visualize ideas and messages by combining them with female spirituality and grace, as the magic that can transform the world – where fashion is the perfect platform to spread such power and to inspire people through beauty. I have produced fashion videos that were praised on social media and am also an active videographer and member of the editors guild. The film will be submitted to film festivals and be available through streaming services.

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