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What kind of logo is this?

By  Kim Kandler  •  January 20, 2022  
Films for future radiate truth

Radiating truth

You’ve probably seen the yellow-black radioactivity sign before. It warns about being exposed to something bad, right? Here, I used a variation of the sign, but with the colors white and purple. The white stands for ‚light‘. The purple stands for ‚truth‘.

I wanted it to symbolize the radiation of the truth, kind of the light of truth.

What really is contamination?

Contamination means the presence of an undesirable element in an environment. Stop here for 3 seconds and think about it…

You typically associate contamination with bacteria, radioactivity, and chemicals. You think about something bad spoiling something good (clean).

But it can also be the other way around. Something good spoiling something bad. It’s the contamination of something bad with something good.

For the bad, the good is obviously an undesirable element that represents the contamination of the bad with the good! And this is exactly what films for future should be about. Spoiling the bad with the good. Contaminating the bad with the good until no bad is left. Ambitious…

Why be so ambitious?

Just look around. To me earth looks like it’s populated mainly by people with bad thoughts and negative behavior. I refuse to take this situation for granted! Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Earth populated mainly by people with noble thoughts and constructive behavior?

It’s something worthy of change. I try with films. Films are my form of activism. They can motivate people to care and change. Like dots of light in the night, I want my documentary films to dot the bad you see all around with light, with truth, until it covers all the earth.

If it sounds like a superhero movie, well yes, it’s connected to films, you know. But the real heroes are you guys! The ones that actually step up and start to care. The bad guys are not going to like it!

I know, I know… Talking about the good vs the bad may sound cheesy and pathetic. It maybe means over simplifying things. I have used these words to paint a strong contrast, to make the point clearer.

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