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Why patriarchy continues to be the norm?

By  Kim Kandler  •  January 20, 2022  
Patriarchy norm only because most people have come to terms with it

When doing research in preparing for my documentary „Awakening Dignity“ I found that patriarchy is at the core of many issues of today’s societies. It’s a set of long-established values and norms. They determine how we get educated; and to what we get accustomed to when growing up. It’s a set of behaviors that become so entrenched in everybody’s minds – it’s a social norm.

Patriarchy continues to be the norm only because most people have come to terms with it.

Today, many have already come to realize the damage it does to women. It’s a norm that is discriminating at its core because it makes men (and sometimes even women) believe this kind of behavior is acceptable.

It’s the reason – to my understanding – why one third of the global population of women suffer from violence in their relationship and family. That’s just the statistics. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Many more women are being manipulated psychologically by narcissist husbands or boyfriends and deprived of rights.

With „Awakening Dignity“ I want to make a documentary that examines, for example, the negative impacts of patriarchy on women and men, and that discusses a different approach like a new model of masculinity and femininity.

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